New Free-motion Quilting Challenge

Are you ready for the next Free-Motion Challenge Quilting Along?!?

Starting May 14th, I will be releasing weekly video tutorials as we quilt together on the Athena panel quilt (although the quilt is not required to quilt along!).

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Videos and Quilting Diagrams:

Preparing Your Quilt Sandwich Video 

Week 1: The Basic Feather Video TutorialClick here for quilting diagrams

Week 2: Quilting the Custom Feather: Click here for the Quilting Diagrams

Week 3: 

     Part 1: Quilting Feathers in the Background Areas

     Part 2: Deciding what Background Fillers to Use Around Your Feathers

     Click here for Week 3 Quilting Diagrams

Week 4: Quilting Feathers in Irregular Areas

     Click here for the Quilting Diagrams

Week 5: Coming June 11th

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